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Lady Ocalat - Third Degree High Priestess of the Craft, HPS/WQ


Professional Tarot Reader 


Psi-empath and Medium

Reiki Master

Astrology columnist

Ordained minister (licensed in MN

Trained Exorcist

Animal Psychic


Welcome to Lady Ocalat's Emporium!

Hi, I am Lady Ocalat, a practicing Witch and Third Degree High Priestess of the Craft. Having been born into it, Witchcraft has been with me all my life...past ones, too! I am a Professional Psychic with over 50 years experience, and many, many satisfied customers (some aren't even witches! I love them anyway.) I am highly skilled with the Tarot and do Tarot, Past life, and Psychic readings over the phone, and in person at my store. We are all busy witches at heart. I honor that. In addition, if you are curious about Wicca, and what it means to live, worship, and practice the craft, I can assist you and guide you through your First Degree Initiation and beyond. I also teach the Tarot in a fun, workshop format. Call if you are interested.

If you seek advice, and want to trust that you are in good hands, a Witch's counsel is best. Whether you are a beginner seeking to advance your skills, or are more seasoned in the Wiccan ways, I can help you achieve what you desire!

Forces have brought you here for reasons known to you and me, so please make yourself at home and hasten to let me know if I can be of service to you. Many come for my professional, confidential Tarot and psychic readings or Wiccan ceremonies, but if knowledge is what you seek, I will be happy to assist along your journey.

Remember....The Wiccan Rede
An it harm none, Do what ye wilt.
Blessed Be!
Lady Ocalat
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