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Write to me with your questions about anything and everything concerning Witchcraft and the Occult Sciences !


Wiccan Services


  • Psychic Readings
  • Tarot classes
  • Witchcraft classes
  • Witch initiation
  • Candle Magick
  • Weddings, handfastings, funerals, wiccanings, and journey to Summerland

Psychic readings and Tarot readings may be done via phone or email, whichever you prefer.


Lady O,

The more I am learning, the more I am certain I am on the right path. Does that feel right to you that I feel so strongly about this?


Absolutely! Most of us know exactly how you feel. What could be better? Study, practice, and keep learning. You have the rest of your life! Blessed Be!! 

Lady Ocalat


If you have a question you'd like to ask, please send me an email!