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I awaken to the sounds of birds and the feel of the soft warm breeze 

dancing across my face as I lie on the cool mossy earth.


The sun is high in the cloudless sky, and the stones that ring my resting 

place are warm and smooth.  Centuries they have stood towering witness 

and remembered; thousands of bare feet dancing timeless pathways through the green.


I rise and fluff my sheer gown, untangling myself from the layers of sleep-twisted silk. 

The flowers in my hair still radiate with fresh scent: Roses, lilies, lavender, heliotrope.


By now they will have begun to stack wood for the balefires, bake the sweets, 

and tap the kegs of mead, busily preparing for darkness with childlike joy.


I'm off to find the Faeries.  In my hands, a cup of new amber honey pilfered from the hive. 

A sweet treat to entice and reward.


A perfect spot to wait....beneath a tall oak, wildflowers spilling color on the green carpet beneath. 

Tall branches of leaves make an emerald canopy that offers seclusion. Come, Faeries!


I wait, the sun is warm, and I am still lazy from the night's slumber. 

I'll just cliose my eyes for a moment........................


I wake, it's nearly dusk!  The honey cup is empty!  

Near my feet I fend a necklace made from shells, berries, and flower buds. 


Wait! Was that a shimmer of laughter I heard on the breeze?


Thank you, little Faeries.


Lady Freyah