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March 20th-April 18th

What do Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and James T. Kirk (William Shatner) have in common? They both are fictional Heroes and role models for the Comic-Con generation, and they are born under the sign of  Aries…..so is Attila the Hun… but I digress.

The Aries believes they are born to lead. As a boss, they are quick-tempered, micro-managing, overstepping boundary, butt-insky happy ass-hats. I should mention I myself am a boss, and an Aries.
Shut it…..shut it now.
I can clearly state that we are workaholic super achievers…..try to keep up and you will end up crying yourself to sleep in your self-perceived inadequacies (that’s on you) or burn yourself out and end up in hospice on a slow morphine drip.

You have never seen anything more demanding, however than an Aries infant. Of course, we all are infants well into our 60’s. Usually still playing in a band or traveling the world with our backpacks. “Don’t taze me, bro!”  comes to mind.
If you say, “Don’t touch that!” to the Aries infant, they will immediately grab the object in question and proceed to stab themselves in the eye with it, or stab their brother or sister. If you say, “Be Quiet,” they will shriek and scream and throw the biggest temper tantrum you’ve ever seen ….getting you thrown out of every establishment that will still have you since the last time your little darling screwed you over.

Forget about trying to control your Aries child with threats of the “Monster in the closet”….Hey! I know times have changed, but in the past …it actually worked.
If you attempt to try this ploy, the Aries child will fling open the closet door and dare the Monster to “take the first swing”. This is also the child with burn marks on their palms from touching the hot stove you just warned them about…..*sigh*

But how bout the adult Aries? Represented by the Ram, they are reactive, and not reasonable. Refusing to think before they act, Aries can often ruin their chances for happiness by making wild assumptions without gathering all the facts.  It’s safe to say that most Aries are born without the humility gene….therefore negating their ability to admit their mistakes….think Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone with the Wind”.
“Well…tomorrow is another day.”….Geez…you idiot…..Rhett is halfway down the block already.

The male Rams come in two types. Assertive, bold, and ready for action…or shy, quiet, and ready for action. Be on guard….his brain is firing so fast he will have you in bed faster than Elon Musk spends money. On the door of the original Playboy Mansion in Chicago, was a brass plate with the inscription  Si Non Osillas, Noli Tintinnare….If you don’t swing, don’t’ ring. Aries Hugh Hefner, the big daddy of hedonism summed up the Aries male just perfectly.
The Ram thinks he is indestructible, but he’s extremely accident-prone, and seldom gets through life without a few broken bones, several concussions, and a couple of totaled cars. He is restless, fidgety, and has frequent headaches. He communicates by temper tantrum. He’ll smash the glasses and put his fist through the wall one minute, then want to screw your brains out the next. He also starts fights for no reason, just to have an excuse to storm out of the house and stay out until all hours. He will make you into the Bitch to rationalize his bad behavior. Then he can still be the Hero. The Greeks christened him the Ram. You can call him Butthead.

But how about the Aries female. Wow! She will compete with you on every level. There’s nothing altruistic about this babe…she wants power, status, and lots of dough. And, to get it, she’ll drive herself, and you, to frenzy, If you want to be treated like a man, marry any other sign in the Universe.
The female Ram can outgun, outrun, outshoot, outtalk, and outsmart everyone around her. How do you know? Just ask her. An Aries woman is a legend….in her own mind.

The Aries is capable of soaring to any height. Sometimes by utilizing their determined Martian energy. Sometimes by hopping on the nearest broom. Aries plays all the angles…doesn’t lay back, plays by their own rules….takes no prisoners…usually the one to bring up politics at the family reunion, and have old Aunt Tilly crying and running for her car.  Oh, well….her potato salad sucked anyway. The Aries home is a combination trophy shop and arsenal. I admit my living room is a bit Castle-esque….what with my Celtic broad swords and Medieval daggers. The real cool stuff is in my Magick room….also, in the basement are the supply rations for the coming Apocalypse. What? You don’t have 50# tubs of rice and beans, and a whole wall of water and ammo? Huh….

Rams believe that they were born to lead, so it’s pretty much futile to try to boss one around. When you want something, you need to use reverse psychology, and toss in a bit of a challenge for good measure. Tell them somebody can do their job better, or you need to call in a Professional (whatever the hell that means says the Aries) and the Aries will scramble to get the job done faster and better than a nerd at the Cern reactor.

Quick Tips for Emergencies:
1. Rams need lots of attention and frequent praise.
2. Remember their egos are as fragile as a toddler’s and act accordingly.
3. Reverse psychology is the key to getting your way.
4. Physical exercise quells a temper tantrum.
5. Gaslight them by ignoring or patronizing them.

In the end….I believe the Aries to be painfully honest and forthright…sometimes to a fault. This world can be painful and obtuse….the Aries will fight for causes and rail against injustices….sounds like the perfect sign for the times.

Mercury will be Retrograde through just about the entire sign of Aries…..stay frosty, Ram.
Good Days:    April 13, 14, and 15
Difficult Days:  March 30, 31
Emotional Days:  April 17, 18

As I always say: keep your words in good order and keep your thoughts in good order. Live to Learn, Learn to Love, and Love to Live!

Till we meet again…




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Keep your words in good order and keep your thoughts in good order.

Live to Learn, Learn to Love, and love to Live!


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