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September 22-October 23


 I totally understand what makes a Libran tick. They always come first, so the need to please themselves and the need to be liked by other people are in direct conflict. What a conundrum. An image comes to mind of Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall, careful not to offend anyone, devising clever strategies on how to take the initiative, while still appearing to compromise….I seriously think my head’s gonna blow off my body with these folks.

Sometimes I wanna take that metal proddy thing that Sherlock Holmes used in the first movie and zap the shit out of these people. 

They would just say, “Thanks, I needed that.”

Then they would run to their friends and talk behind your back at what a horrible person you were…well, I suppose I would be horrible if I “cattle prodded” them…but you get my point.

Here’s a great scenario for you. Your Libran friend constantly seeking advice from you every damn day…discussing their various options in whatever the hell their drama is at any given time, adjusting their choices, and making compromises accordingly, and wearing the shit out of you…..and then in the end they make their own decision (the one they had in the first place….(silent muffled scream)

I understand the need these days to avoid conflict, but Librans have a surreal need for peace and harmony, avoiding anything quarrelsome, no direct interference of any kind, and an almost “milk toast” expression on their faces as they stare meaninglessly at you gulping silently every now and then just to “shake things up.” It  makes them look like Biden on his meds…well intentioned, but loony tunes.

Because they represent the “Scales” as their symbol, they can on the other hand….“blow”. They rant and rage uncontrollably over the slightest, insignificant thing….the waitress that brings their steak to them a little too rare or a little too well done, the plant at the garden center with one brown, crusty leaf, the check-out lady that has a little trouble scanning their frozen ravioli ... This can set the Libran off in a most spectacular way…..laying waste to the landscape, because they have been so passive, so feckless… for so long. It really is spectacular to see. Just wait and they will be back to their wishy-washy ways….tolerating all sorts of perceived Bullshit.   

“Fair” and “equal” are very important words to Librans, as they long for a perfect world. Well…WAKE UP CALL….this is a world of imperfections. Librans idealism collides squarely with this truism like the idiot that put a rocket on his Mustang car and then crashed about 40 feet up the rock wall….brilliant…..pointless….Libran.


I am all for keeping a mindset of positivity and hope, but a Libra can get themselves into so much trouble, simply because they have such an extraordinary difficulty judging a situation from all sides. This really sucks when it comes to relationships…..Oh, I am just getting started here.

Your Libran friend or lover is always getting hurt over something you have or haven’t said. It’s maddening. The reason? They place implicit faith and trust in the object of their desires….YOU, and can’t quite believe it when you don’t see their obvious charm and that you, frankly, want to run like hell from them. This inevitably leads to blocked numbers, changes of address, and restraining orders.

To further comment on this…they sometimes have difficulty extricating themselves from a relationship that has outgrown its purpose, and of course they don’t like conflict and that would mean breakups.

A mental image of Steve Martin in “The Jerk” is perfect here….standing on the curb with every belonging in hand…unable to comprehend what has happened to him.  

Libra women are self indulgent, lazy, lovers of beauty, culture, and the arts. They sometimes don’t always express their own emotions honestly… particularly the negative ones. They also love marriage, and the quest to find the perfect union….

Libra men are gay, so you see the problem inherent within.

I’m kidding….but really….all the Libran men I know cook better than I do, their homes are cleaner, their clothes are neater, their appearance is more well groomed. Wait a minute….maybe I am just a slob…

Moving on….. 

Emotional dishonesty could be said about the Libran. All at once wanting to go their own merry way and then being at war with their characteristic desire to keep the peace. These contradictions can paralyze them as they become the “Push me-Pull You” from Dr. Dolittle. 

I have noticed that it can be shattering for a Libran to have to witness or deal with the darker side of human nature; therefore they try so hard to repress their anger, fear, and frustration and really anything course, ugly, or unpleasant. 

As a result of this constant dilemma, the classic Libran has the ability to bring together opposites that would otherwise be in conflict with each other. 

Librans have the great gift of diplomacy and can act as wonderful intermediaries, precisely because they ARE able to see both sides of a situation. 

Their rose-colored glasses are kinda nice right now. The world is a tinderbox and the Libran keeps the peace…..I ask you….is that so wrong?

Libra Days of Interest: 


October 31:            Clarity of Mind on these days

October 4,5,6,31:   Libra Power Days

October 17,18,19:  Difficulties could arise 



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Lady Ocalat is a Professional Astrologist,

Reiki Master, Minister, and Tarot Reader.

She can be reached at 218-722-2240,

or at Lady Ocalat’s Emporium in downtown Duluth.






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Keep your words in good order and keep your thoughts in good order.

Live to Learn, Learn to Love, and love to Live!


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